Tuesday, December 4, 2012

DIY Play Kitchen Stove-top Burners

For Christmas we decided we'd get Olivia a play kitchen. She may only be 16 months old but she looooves playing with them. Whenever we go to anyones house who has one she pretty much is glued to it the entire time. Plus she can grow into it. We thought about DIYing the whole thing after seeing so many cute ones out there but then decided we just don't have the extra time to dedicate to that right now. We found a realllly cute one but I just wasn't feeling the ugly sticker they had for stove-top burners... I had the cutest little helper for most of the project though.

I stared those ugly burners down one last time. Then got started.

Here are the dowels and wood squares I used plus my sanders ie. nail files. I also had little wooden circles (not pictured) I was lucky enough to find EVERYTHING I needed at the one and only Michaels. It was an extra bonus that everything was the right size Yay! Except the wooden dowels which were really looong.

I painted the squares and circles... I'd say about 6 coats! I could not cover up the wood grain for the life of me. Note to self: Next time use primer!

(You can still see it, argh!)

Then my glue of choice was gorilla glue. Don't use too much cause it expands and turns a yellow-y wood color

While these puppies dried....

... I started cutting my dowels. I cut them all length wise first, I needed 16! 8 on each burner. Then I made little divets so they could lay flat. I used and x-acto knife and just eye balled everything.

This was definitely the worst part but still not too bad

Then I glued them on

I layed books and magazines on them to help them dry in place and to add pressure. I let them cure for about 3-4 hours.

And here is the final look. What do you think? So much better than those ugly sticker burners in my opinion. Olivia might not have cared, okay let's be honest she wouldn't have cared at all but I really think it makes her play kitchen a million times cuter and way more realistic!


  1. So darling! You are so creative! I would never even think to do this. I would just look at the ugly burners and be like, "whatever." haha. You are such a good mom!


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